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White Diesel thumbnail

White Diesel

This is a feminized Cannabis variety that was created by crossing a 2006 New York City Diesel (the mother of the V2.0) with a 2004 White Widow LWW (the mother of the famous White FYA). White Diesel is rich in cannabinoids (20% THC).
White Domina thumbnail

White Domina

It is an improved plant with the best characteristics of each Indica parent plant it originates from.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬it was also crossed with Kannabia‭’‬s specia
White Domina Automatic‭ thumbnail

White Domina Automatic‭

Kannabia Seeds‭’‬ White Domina Automatic is their most psychoactive variety of autoflower Cannabis plants.‭ ‬They intentionally isolated specific Ruderalis genes to encourage
White Domina CBD thumbnail

White Domina CBD


Kannabia tested & refined White Domina CBD until this magnificent strain consistently reached the optimal 1:1 THC to CBD ratio for maximum medical benefits.

  • Joint Effort with CBD Crew
  • Fruity Flavours - XXL Yields
White Dragon thumbnail

White Dragon

White FYA thumbnail

White FYA

White Fya (White Fire) is the absolute top seller in Vulkania Seeds’ catalog and mainly comes from a different strain of White Widow that was discovered and preserved in 2004.
White Gold thumbnail

White Gold

White Label Seeds considers their White Gold a very special breed of Cannabis. White Gold is a mostly-Indica hybrid that produces sweet syrupy resin and an excellent final yield.
White Ice Feminized thumbnail

White Ice Feminized

White Ice is an Indica-dominant plant that grows super thick and bulky with a short flowering cycle and compact flower clusters glistening in trichomes. Many growers refer to this strain as White I.C
White Label X Haze thumbnail

White Label X Haze

White Label X Haze is what Sativa is meant to be! Although there is a subtle Indica influence, you’ll get all the quality and elegance that Sativas are known for with White Label X Haze. This cannabis
White Lavender thumbnail

White Lavender

An Indoor Lavender for the Ages!

This 100% feminized seed tames Original Lavender's out-of-control size & endless finish to give indoor collectors a viable option without compromising power or yield!

  • White Widow Genetics - Visible Crystals
  • Soaring Cerebral Power - Massive Yields
White OGRE Auto thumbnail

White OGRE Auto


SGS is back with a vengeance. By combining their high-volume OGRE with the delightfully frosty & dense White Citrus, they've created what may be the absolute best automatic hybrid on Earth. Check 'em out!

  • Original OGRE Auto X White Citrus Auto - A Fabulous F1
  • High Yielding, Extra Dense, Very Frosty
White Pearl Feminized thumbnail

White Pearl Feminized

White Rhino thumbnail

White Rhino

White Rhino is a powerful F1 hybrid of White Widow and a curiously strong North American indica strain. White Rhino could have medicinal applications because of its high T.H.C. content. The taste of t
White Rhino thumbnail

White Rhino

White Russian Automatic thumbnail

White Russian Automatic

White Russian Automatic is a blizzard of power! This vigorous little autoflowering cannabis seed delivers 300 gr/m2 of potent weed & chill attitudes in just 8 weeks from seed. Nothing cures cabin feve
White Shark thumbnail

White Shark

White Siberian Feminized thumbnail

White Siberian Feminized

White Siberian Feminized combines the best of the world’s most popular strains in one little bean! With this choice, you get White Widow’s awesome flavour, resin content & medicinal nature while AK-47
White Skunk thumbnail

White Skunk

For years, White Skunk has proved itself an excellent variety for first-time growers, and has also gained a great reputation among connoisseurs who know that high quality cannabis genetics can still b
White Skunk Feminized thumbnail

White Skunk Feminized

White Skunk brings to the table a combination of high THC and CBD concentrations that resemble the experience of being on a rollercoaster for 30 minutes followed by a freefall landing on a massive bed of clouds.
White Weed thumbnail

White Weed

This is Dutch Quality Seeds White Strain - and its very white indeed, leaves and buds of this plant are covered with crystal, this mainly sativa strain will grow to a manageable height and will produce a crop that is well worth the wait!
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