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Ultra Lemon Haze thumbnail

Ultra Lemon Haze

A special favourite for Auto Seeds & The Rhino, Ultra Lemon Haze is a sharp, citrus-flavoured Sativa with incredible psychedelic power. Ultra Lemon Haze requires a bit more work than most autoflowerin
Ultra Skunk Feminized thumbnail

Ultra Skunk Feminized

In their Swiss experiment, Dutch Passion flowered several Dutch and Swiss Skunk clones and several Skunk seed varieties. By hybridizing the BEST two Skunks, they created Ultra Skunk, a very homogenous
Ultraviolet Automatic thumbnail

Ultraviolet Automatic

This Cannabis variety was created by crossing the original White Dwarf x Skunk specimen with a Lavender and then later backcrossed to maintain the autoflowering characteristic. Nearly every desired f
Urban Poison Feminized thumbnail

Urban Poison Feminized

Utopia Haze Feminised thumbnail

Utopia Haze Feminised

Cannabis and Sativa Cup winner of 2008, Utopia Haze is a very hardy and high yielding strain. It is mold and disease resistant. After digging through Brazil for rare genetics, a 3-year selection pro
Uzbekistan Fem thumbnail

Uzbekistan Fem

V 2.0 thumbnail

V 2.0

From Vulkania Seeds comes ‘V 2.0’, a feminized variety that was bred from a 2006 New York City Diesel. When cultivated from a cutting (not from seed), these mostly Sativa plants need no vegetative growth period before flowering.
Vanilla Kush Feminized thumbnail

Vanilla Kush Feminized

Vanilla Kush produces buds that are HEAVILY flecked with red and gold trichomes that resemble wild vanilla and lavender accented with lemon and orange peel (Doesn’t that sound delightful?).
Velvet Bud thumbnail

Velvet Bud

This is a close relation of our Purple Bud. We remastered our original Purple Skunk variety to give a plant with a much smoother smoke hence the name Velvet Bud.
Veneno - Poison Feminized thumbnail

Veneno - Poison Feminized

Veneno (Spanish for Poison) is a cross between Eva’s Champion and their Papa's Candy Monster that has inherited the best of both varieties. It is a hardy plant that produces long buds covered in thic
Venus FlyTrap thumbnail

Venus FlyTrap

One of our new production skunks, this feminized selection starts slowly then comes on strong with more rapid growth creating big buds. Venus has nice large leaves and a curious aroma. Venus is a new
Vertigo Auto thumbnail

Vertigo Auto

Vertigo offers head-spinning highs & smoking finishes! With an 18% THC rating and super-high yields, Vertigo is one of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds you’ll ever try.
Vicki Peach thumbnail

Vicki Peach

From Porno Seeds, Vicki Peach is an AK stemming from Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, and Afghanistan that produces multiple fat colas and is an Indica / Sativa hybrid that leans stronger on the Sativa.
Violator Kush thumbnail

Violator Kush

Violator Kush is a heavy producing indica-dominant plant that grows short and bushy with big dark green leaves. The buds are heavy and must be supported or they will droop!
Viva Sativa thumbnail

Viva Sativa

An 8-Weeker with Sizzle!

Viva Sativa is happy, uplifting & very social, but she's way too strong for some. She'll either let you live life to the fullest or blow your f'ing mind!

  • Soft & Sweet with Floral Overtones
  • Massive, Aromatic Colas - Very Sticky!
Voodoo Feminized thumbnail

Voodoo Feminized


At Dutch Passion Seeds, they developed Voodoo, a green strain, from Thai parents in 1997. Voodoo has a strong Thai aroma and a clear, fresh smell.

Voyager thumbnail


Exotic cannabis cultivars that have travelled from the far corners of the earth come together in a hybrid that will delight the senses and set minds adrift. The powerful genotypes behind Voyager are rarely if ever seen in today's hybrids. The Sativas
Walker Sours thumbnail

Walker Sours

Wappa thumbnail


Wappa has strong Idica heritage with a reasonable flowering time. Easy to grow and produces a pleasant high with heightened awareness levels. 10 Cannabis Seeds per packet.
Warlock thumbnail



Bursting with power, Warlock has revealed 29% THC in lab studies! Extremely stable, these feminized seeds look like Indica and act like Sativa for an unbeatable combination.

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