Exile really takes the edge off! These exceptionally stable & homogenous feminized seeds have a strong, sedating effect & a pleasant, sweet fragrance. Exile Feminized is a premium mix of Northern Lights, White Widow & Magus’s own Warlock.
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Want to Be Sedated? Exile Feminized’s Strong, Seductive Stones Will Make It Happen!

    As a 50% Warlock, 25% White Widow, 25% Northern Lights hybrid, Exile Feminized Seeds’ are epic. We can’t think of a single thing that would improve this legendary combination!

    Exile Cannabis Seeds get their posh appearance from Warlock for the most part. Other than a slightly shorter nugg and darker hairs, they could be twins.

    • Exile is a Triple Threat – Mix of 3 Legends!
    • Winner of the 2005 Highlife Cup for Best Bio
    • Extremely Stable 100% Feminized Seeds
    • Potent & Sedating with Good-Sized Yields

    Make sure you have a fresh filter on hand with these babies! Exile Seeds can permeate a room with their intense odour in a hot minute when fresh. After the cure, they have a more pleasant fragrance that’s very sweet with just a touch of pine.

    Magus Genetics’ Exile Feminized needs about 60 to 67 days to finish with good yields. The feminized version is highly recommended, but Rhino Seeds also sells traditional Exile. Either choice is a great one!

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
    Cup Winner
    Pills Per Pack
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    2005 Highlife Cup - Best Bio
    Flowering Time Notes
    65 to 67 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    50% Warlock, 25% Northern Lights, and 25% White Widow

    Heed this warning when you buy Exile Cannabis Seeds. The stones are strong, highly sedating, and they don’t mix well with operating heavy machinery. Stay away from bulldozers, buzz saws & forklifts when you enjoy this premium 100% feminized seed!

    You’ll be safe as can be when you buy Exile from Rhino Seeds! The Rhino has your back with secure servers, discreet packaging & extremely low prices. Makes you feel warm & fuzzy just thinking about it. Order today!

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    Magus Genetics officially started operations in Amsterdam in 2005, but their founder, Gerrit, has roots in the cannabis trade that can be traced all the way back to the late 1980s. As an amateur grower, Gerrit accidentally crossed Afghani with Skunk to create Warlock, a legendary strain that won top honors at the 1998 HTCC. Based on this powerful cannabis seed, he's created a small but exclusive set of high-grade hybrids that are extremely homogenous, very potent and awesomely aromatic. According to Magus Genetics, “less is more!”, especially when it comes to thoroughbred weed seeds. Join the Rhino in experiencing the magic of original Warlock, high-yielding Double Dutch or ultra-sweet Early Biddy.