Banish the schwag with top-rated Exile Cannabis Seeds! This potent mix of Warlock, Northern Lights & White Widow is a triple threat with incredible power & strong, seductive stones. Exile is a sweet-smelling winner of the 2005 Highlife Cup!
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    Exile Seeds Banishes Stress with Strong, Seductive Stones – It’s Killer!

    What a combination! Exile Cannabis Seeds blend Warlock’s extreme power, White Widow’s thick resin and Northern Lights’ ease to create a new mix that simply can’t be beat.

    If you know Warlock, you’ll quickly recognize Exile. They look very similar, but Exile’s elegant nuggs aren’t quite as elongated and the fresh hairs aren’t quite as white.

    • Exile Mixes 3 Legends for 1 Incredible Seed!
    • A Potent Highlife Cup Bio Champion
    • Pleasant, Sweet Aromas
    • A Genuine Magus Genetics Masterpiece!

    Exile Cannabis Seeds have a very strong, sweet fragrance with just a touch of pine. The aroma will quickly saturate a room when fresh (make sure you’re prepped with a good filter), but the smell is much lighter & pleasant after the cure.

    After about 60 to 67 days of finish, Magus Genetics Exile completes it’s lifecycle with good yields. You’ll love this Highlife Cup champion!

    Don’t forget – we have Exile in a fully feminized seed as well.

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    9-12 weeks
    Cup Winner
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    2005 Highlife Cup for Best Bio Strain
    Flowering Time Notes
    65 to 67 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    50% Warlock, 25% White Widow, 25% Northern Lights

    If you like White Widow & Northern Lights but you’re looking for something with a little more kick, buy Exile Cannabis Seeds! This exceptional cross uses Warlock’s super powers to bump these legends up to supernatural levels. It’s killer!

    When you see how low the prices are at Rhino Seeds, you’ll perk right up! We always offer the best bargains & the fastest delivery times in the UK. Buy Exile from The Rhino & you’ll still have a little change to jingle in your pocket!

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    Exile is a powerful cannabis seed created by the Magus Genetics brand. Based in Amsterdam, Magus Genetics offers a select group of strains based on their original Warlock strain. Each Magus Genetics weed seed is completely unique and designed to satisfy a specific set of needs. With Magus Genetics, less truly is much more!