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Lemon Haze thumbnail

Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Strong Sativa Highs - Energetic, Creative, Euphoric

Lemon Haze is everything a great Sativa should be, except slow. She has a condensed, 8 to 9 week finish that's extremely fast for this type of strain, and she's a Cup winner!

  • Very Potent - 21% THC with practically no CBD
  • Flavours Range from Sour Dank Citrus to Sweet Lemon Candy
Lemon Skunk thumbnail

Lemon Skunk

The parents of DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk were carefully selected for the zesty lemon phenotypes. Lemon skunk mother originated in Vegas, and the father hand picked in Holland! The stone from DNA's Lemo
Lemon Thai Kush thumbnail

Lemon Thai Kush

Big plant that grows like a tree and produces huge crops of very sticky buds. This strain is a heavy one, both because of the amount it produces and the strong effect it displays, which makes it a goo
Lemon Venom thumbnail

Lemon Venom

A Near Lethal Beast - Up to 1 Kilo Per Seed!

Lemon Venom is capable of pumping out up to a full 1000 gr/seed of pure-Indica perfection with toxic levels of THC. Once this femme fatale sink her teeth in, she never lets go!

  • Fat, Dense, Bright-Green Golfballs of Citric Power!
  • Extreme Lemon Flavours with Notes of Pine
Lennon Feminised thumbnail

Lennon Feminised

Lennon Feminised is a Legendary Pyramid Seed!

Lennon Feminized is a fitting tribute to both the most famous Beatle & everyone's favourite weed man, Jack Herer. You'll love this Sativa-dominant weed seed!

  • 18% THC, 500 gr/m2, Incredibly Hazey
  • Dreamlike Jack Herer Hybrid - Psychedelic!
Leshaze Female thumbnail

Leshaze Female

Rare and exotic, Leshaze Feminized draws her power from the mystical mountains deep within the remote African Kingdom of Lesotho. To round out this Sativa, Leshaze Feminized’s other side is an intense
Liberty Haze thumbnail

Liberty Haze

Get proven power with the 2011 All-Around Cannabis Cup Winner! Liberty Haze Feminized is a potent mix of G13 & Chem Dawg 91 that finishes in just 8 weeks with the fattest nuggs we’ve ever seen! With 2
Little Angel AKA ANGELMATIC thumbnail


Little Cheese Auto thumbnail

Little Cheese Auto

Little Devil AKA Devilmatic thumbnail

Little Devil AKA Devilmatic

Long Haze Female thumbnail

Long Haze Female

Lost Coast Hashplant thumbnail

Lost Coast Hashplant

Bristling with Fat, Swollen Trichs - 21% THC!

With an abundance of resin and a complex terpene profile, you won't find a better strain for oils or extracts than Humboldt's Lost Coast Hashplant. She's seriously sticky!

  • 80% Indica, 20% Sativa
  • Trainwreck X Mendo Purps
Lost Coast OG thumbnail

Lost Coast OG

Beginner Friendly with 20% THC!

If you want genuine OG power outdoors, Lost Coast OG is you kind of girl! She finishes early enough to avoid all the fall dampness while still delivering massive yields.

  • Pakistani Kush X Lemon Thai -75% Indica
  • 15+ oz/yd Inside, 106+ oz/seed Outside
Lost Coast OG Feminized thumbnail

Lost Coast OG Feminized

Lost Coast OG Feminized Is Always In High Demand!

Astonishingly strong & totally hardcore, Lost Coast OG Feminized is what NoCal weed is all about! She's the perfect mix of potent heirloom strains & ChemDawg #4.

  • Pakistani Kush X Lemon Thai X Chemdawg #4 - Epic!
  • 60% Indica: 40% Sativa - A Delicious Balance
Lost Coast Skunk Auto thumbnail

Lost Coast Skunk Auto

Flash Finishes & Long-Lasting, Balanced Highs!

Lost Coast Skunk Auto is all a good Skunk should be & then some! This potent little speed freak can finish as fast as 60 days from seed & still deliver a killer head buzz & wicked body stone. Awesome!

  • Thrives in All Environments
  • Intense Citrus Aroma & Skunky Taste
Low Girl Autoflowering thumbnail

Low Girl Autoflowering

Low Girl from Advanced Seeds is a mainly Indica autoflowering strain that is harvested 60 days after sowing regardless of the month of the year. It is ideal for self-cultivation in small areas such a
Lowboldt Automatic thumbnail

Lowboldt Automatic

Get all that delicious Yumboldt flavour & aroma in a superfast autoflowering strain with Lowboldt Automatic! This pungent feminized seed gets it done in just 8 weeks. With this kind of speed, Lowboldt
Lowryder thumbnail


For intense automatic power, go right to the source with Lowryder. This is the strain that started it all with extreme speed, top-rated quality & amazing ease. Lowryder is a premium mix of Williams Wo
Lowryder 1 Feminized thumbnail

Lowryder 1 Feminized


Aptly named for its low profile (both literally and figuratively), Joint Doctor;s ‘Lowryder’ was developed for extremely rapid growth (life cycle is 8 weeks from seed to bud), uniquely short height, a

Lowryder 2 FEMINIZED thumbnail

Lowryder 2 FEMINIZED

The strength and flavor is backed by concentrated resin production and much-improved yield and stability. Overall, the buds are larger, tighter and more aromatic than the original Lowryder.

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