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Sweet Amnesia thumbnail

Sweet Amnesia

Double the Sativa, Twice the Sugar!

Sweet Amnesia is a sugar-coated bud factory with soaring head highs that creep into a pleasant physical stone. Yields are crazy-good at up to 1200 gr/seed outside!

  • Mainly Lemon with Hints of Haze & Incense
  • A Fast Sativa - 65 Days from Seed Inside
Sweet Black Angel thumbnail

Sweet Black Angel

Sweet Black Angel is a cross between Black Domina and Super Silver Haze producing a love child bearing an 80% Indica / 20% Sativa characteristic. This hybrid emerged as a member of the new generation
Sweet Cheese thumbnail

Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese is a hard-hitting Sativa-dominant strain with strong, euphoric highs and deep, relaxing stones. We highly recommend Sweet Cheese Feminized to anyone seeking to expand their horizons with
Sweet Coffee Ryder thumbnail

Sweet Coffee Ryder

Start your day off right with Sweet Coffee Ryder! As the perfect morning cannabis seed, Sweet Coffee Ryder takes the edge off and instantly lifts your mood!
Sweet Mango Auto thumbnail

Sweet Mango Auto

As one of the tastiest autoflowering seeds going, Sweet Mango Auto is a delicious mix of sweet tropical fruit and intense sour flavours. With a 7-week finish, Sweet Mango Auto goes from seed to weed i
Sweet Nurse Auto CBD thumbnail

Sweet Nurse Auto CBD

1:2 THC to CBD, 8 Weeks from Seed!

Sweet Nurse Auto CBD delivers high yields of medical-grade buds in just 8 weeks from seed. THC to CBD ratios start at 1:1 & go all the way up to an elusive 1:2. Order your MMJ seeds today!

  • Up to 600 gr/m2 Inside, 125 gr/seed Outside
  • Penetrating Aromas - Sweet & Fruity
Sweet Seeds Auto Collection thumbnail

Sweet Seeds Auto Collection

Explore the exciting new world of autoflowering seeds with this value-packed sampler. The Sweet Seeds Auto Collection includes three of this breeder’s best automatic strains: Speed Devil, Big Devil an
Sweet Skunk Auto thumbnail

Sweet Skunk Auto

As lush & stinky as ever, Sweet Skunk Auto delivers intense, mind-blowing highs on a set schedule. All it takes is 7 short, little weeks to pack your stash with potent, sticky Sweet Skunk Auto!
Sweet Skunk Automatic thumbnail

Sweet Skunk Automatic

Sweet Skunk Auto Brings Spanish Power to the UK!

Don't move to Spain to get Green Poison's incredible power - buy Sweet Skunk Automatic instead! No need for enormous spaces, intense sunlight or extensive experience with this wicked-good AutoFem.

  • Incredible Yields for an Auto - 40-50 gr/seed!
  • Extremely Fast - 8-9 Weeks from Seed!
Sweet Tai thumbnail

Sweet Tai

Fantastic cross-bred between our Super Tai and an Early Skunk, as a result we obtain a very tasty deep spiced exotic flavour typical of Asian varieties. The Early Skunk crossbreeding shortens flowerin
Sweet Tooth Auto thumbnail

Sweet Tooth Auto

In its original form, the iconic Sweet Tooth strain won the illustrious Cannabis Cup for three years in a row! Now, Barney’s Farm has made this variety even better with an updated, auto-flowering vers
Sweet Tooth Feminised thumbnail

Sweet Tooth Feminised

Being a multiple time Cannabis Cup winner, Sweet Tooth is the ULTIMATE Sativa / Indica hybrid.
Sweet Tooth X SCBDX thumbnail

Sweet Tooth X SCBDX

Strong Medicine, Tastes Like Candy!

With Sweet Tooth X SCBDX, medicine doesn't have to taste bad to work! The high CBD levels make this an effective therapeutic strain & you simply can't beat the sugary taste.

  • Beginner Friendly - Simple & Forgiving
  • Complex Terpene Profile
Swiss Skunk thumbnail

Swiss Skunk (Formerly known as Super Cheese)

Power Up Your Inner Weed-Man with Swiss Skunk!

If you thought Original Cheese was good, you ain't seen nothing yet! Swiss Skunk delivers total & complete satisfaction through the power of Cheddar with shocking flavours, unbelievable aromas & amazing highs.

  • Mostly Indica for Extreme Body Stones
  • Smashing Yields & Briliant Finishes
THC Bomb Auto thumbnail

THC Bomb Auto

A Fast, High-Producing White Autoflowering Seed With 22% THC! As we've come to expect, and you've come to demand, Bomb Seeds has once again set a new standard that all other breeders can only hope to meet! They crossed their very own THC Bomb & Auto Bomb strains to create … wait …
THC Bomb Feminised thumbnail

THC Bomb Feminised

This potent cannabis seed has it all! THC Bomb Feminized kicks it up about 10 notches with explosive power, volcanic yields, unmatched vigour and unbelievable flavour! With a 25% THC rating, THC Bomb
THC Pro thumbnail


Chronic DNA Gives This Knockout a Full 25% THC!

THC Pro harnesses the full power of Chronic, Northern Lights & Big Head #1 to create a high-yielding, sleep-inducing, mould-resistant, beginner-friendly strain that's totally drenched in resin. Yowza!

  • Stress, Mould & Pests are Not a Problem!
  • 7 to 9 Weeks of Finish with Massive Yields
TNT Kush thumbnail

TNT Kush

Are you ready for the TNT Kush explosion! This cannabis seed delivers high THC & awesome yields in practically no time with a sophisticated mix of flavours and aromas. TNT Kush Feminized is extremely
Taiga Feminized thumbnail

Taiga Feminized

Taiga tends to grow with big compact buds. The smell and taste are obviously rooted from Power Plant genetics. For such a small auto-flowering plant, Taiga is a very high yielder!
Tangie-Matic thumbnail


Clear Orange Flavour with 23% THC!

Tangie-Matic is as sticky and sweet as a perfectly ripe tangerine, but she's packing way more power. This vigourous autoflowering strain finishes in just 9 weeks from seed.

  • Sativa Domnant with 650 gr/m2 Yields Inside
  • Instant Highs with a Creeping Body Stone

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