Mosaic Mix Pack
Save some dough & buy the Mosaic Mix Pack! This collection of Magus Genetic’s best standard cannabis seeds delivers a random selection of the world’s best Cup-winning strains. You won’t find a better deal on 10 regular seeds than the Mosaic Mix Pack!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    Take a Whirlwind Tour of Magus Genetics on the Cheap with the Mosaic Mix Pack!

    The Mosaic Mix Pack is the absolute best way to check out the award-winning cannabis seeds in the Magus Genetics’ catalog. It’s a random set, but the price is right, and there are no bad beans in this bunch! Here’s what you might get:

    • Biddy EarlySativa-dominant Cannabis Cup winner with vibrant colours
    • Double DutchIndica-dominant Warlock/Chronic mix & Highlife Cup champ
    • Motavation – International Cannagraphic Cup winner & Magus Genetics’ couchlocker
    • Exile – A Warlock/Northern Lights/White Widow combo & Highlife Cup winner
    • Warlock – The superstar of the Magus Genetics collection with 29% THC & an HTCC win!

    Think it couldn’t possibly get better than that? With the Mosaic Mix Pack of regular cannabis seeds, you’ll get 10 keepers! Plus, you can pick up this brilliant weed seed sampler for about half of what most Magus Genetics standard 10-packs go for. It’s the cheapest way to build an entire collection of 5-star marijuana seeds!

    No worries if you don’t care for standard cannabis seeds! The Rhino has your back with the feminized version of the Mosaic Mix Pack. You’ll only get 5 seeds in this set, but the price is still killer. Buy yours today!

    This description of the Mosaic Mix Pack and other cannabis seeds is based solely on information provided by Magus Genetics.

    10 Seeds
    Cup Winner
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    HTCC, Highlife, Cannagraphic, etc
    Selection Packs

    For the absolute lowest price, buy Mosaic Mix Pack from Rhino Seeds! Magus Genetics has already made this choice the easiest and most affordable way to discover the power behind this stunning brand, and The Rhino always sweetens the deal even more!.

    When you buy Mosaic Mix Pack Cannabis Seeds, make sure you know the laws in your area. In the UK, it’s legal to collect marijuana seeds for souvenir or preservation purposes, but it’s a crime to germinate or propagate those same weed seeds. Do yourself a favour and keep it legal!

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    The Mosaic Mix Pack is sold under the Magus Genetics brand. Operating out of Amsterdam since 2005, Magus Genetics is famous for offering a small but fabulous selection of award-winning cannabis seeds. Practically every weed seed that carries the Magus Genetics name has won at least one major cup. Raise your standards with authentic Magus Genetics cannabis seeds today!