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Great White Shark thumbnail

Great White Shark

Green Alien thumbnail

Green Alien

Green Haze X Thai thumbnail

Green Haze X Thai

Green House Himalayan Gold thumbnail

Green House Himalayan Gold

Put a little sparkle in your life with Green House Seeds Himalayan Gold! This strain is just as lovely as it is potent. The enormous trichomes are a rich, velvety green with lustrous golden hairs and perfectly clear crystals that catch the slightest light
Green House Seeds White Rhino thumbnail

Green House Seeds White Rhino

If you’re not careful, the White Rhino will run all over you! In a world filled with high THC values, this is one example of a strain that produces so much of this chemical that some very experienced cannabis collectors have had to cut back on this one. B
Green Spirit thumbnail

Green Spirit


This strain presented good results with artificial lighting. Manifesting a clear and strong high, this Cannabis variety is also very high yielding. Compared to many Cannabis strains on the market today.

White Widow thumbnail

Greenhouse White Widow

This Widow has a moderate THC content and yield, but absolute connoisseur quality. It offers a strong Indica kick and an ever-present Sativa head-high, combined with a clean, smooth smoking flavour.
Grimace OG thumbnail

Grimace OG

Guerilla's Gusto thumbnail

Guerilla's Gusto

Guerilla's Gusto: Your Throw-&-Go Powerhouse!

Bigger, better & stronger than Sensi Seeds ever expected, Guerilla's Gusto is an outdoor powerhouse! Guerilla's Gusto makes it happen all on her own - she's more than strong enough to go solo in the chilly UK summers.

  • Mostly Indica for Fast Finishes & Large Yields
  • Big & Husky - May Need Concealment
Haley's Comet thumbnail

Haley's Comet

Fast heavy and easy to grow! An early Early Californian variety crossed with the Skunk #1,very homogenous fast maturing variety, suitably to grow outdoors. In many temperate regions. A large percenta
Hash Balls #2 thumbnail

Hash Balls #2

Hash Bomb thumbnail

Hash Bomb

Hash Bomb explodes with power and drips with resin! A sweet medicinal strain, Hash Bomb eases the mind, calms the nerves and soothes the body.
Hash Heaven thumbnail

Hash Heaven

Hash Heaven is just that, a haze that doesn't take as long to finish as most others, a great yielding plant with giant buds, and that great haze flavor with that hint of Afghanistan in the back of you
Hash Passion thumbnail

Hash Passion

Genetics: Hash Plant x Northern Lights No 1 Variety: Pure Indica Type: F1 Hybrid Characteristics: Very fast flowering plant producing copious resin. There are many variations of Hash Plant; it
Hash Plant thumbnail

Hash Plant

Bet You Can't Finish a Single Hash Plant Spliff!

That's no light-hearted dare - Hash Plant can kick even the most dedicated Dutch stoner's ass. Take it easy with these resin-drenched beauties or suffer the consequences!

  • Incredibly Short 40-45 Day Finish
  • Extremely Resinous Indica-Dominant Seeds
Hashbar OG thumbnail

Hashbar OG

Hashberry thumbnail


A concoction of several desirable parents, Hashberry from Mandala Seeds is a hybrid Cannabis variety that preserves the vigor and styles that its secret lineages are so valued for.
Hashplant Haze thumbnail

Hashplant Haze

DNA's Hashplant Haze has taste is that of fruity, hashy, haziness with an earthy, hazy aroma. She will produce large amounts of of redish hash and DNA tell us she grows well in the Sea-of-Green method
Hawaii Maui Waui thumbnail

Hawaii Maui Waui

Ready to live it up Island style? Try the tropical power of authentic Hawaii Maui Waui Seeds. Nirvana has inbred Hawaii Maui Waui to preserve its authentic character including the inspiring highs, citrus aromas and fresh, fruity flavours.
Hawaii x Skunk #1 thumbnail

Hawaii x Skunk #1


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