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Lowryder is a stout, thick, and stubby dwarf Cannabis plant. At 60 days, these plants will be very resinous begging to be harvested! You won’t be able to resist the mature flowers!

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Lowryder 2 Seeds

Aptly named for its low profile (both literally and figuratively), Lowryder was developed for extremely rapid growth (life cycle is 8 weeks from seed to bud), uniquely short height, and amazingly vers
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Lowryder Dwarf Mix


The Lowryder Mix from The Joint Doctor is simply a collection of his non-feminized auto-flowering Cannabis dwarves: Original lowryder, lowryder 2, Diesel Ryder, and the newest Purple Ryder.

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MK-Ultra has a long list of credentials! It’s the child of legendary G-13 & equally impressive OG Kush, winner of both the 2003 & 2004 High Times Cannabis Cups and source of the best head highs on the
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This Cannabis strain is based on the extremely psychoactive Malawi White Russian line. In addition, this strain has been sweetened with the candied Sweet Tooth 3, Grapefruit line & combined with a Congo Nepalese (IBL).
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Mach Fly

Mach Fly might be slow out the gate, but she always makes up for it by getting the job done in record time! A Skunky mix with rock-hard trichomes & a cerebral effect, Mach Fly is vigourous, fast and p
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Magic Bud

Magic Bud is the finest blend of Indica and Sativa, which makes her into an easy to grow bud bomb. The floral and aromatic taste makes her smooth to smoke with a body relaxing effect, combined with a
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Magic Crystal

This is a combination of White Widow and California Orange which gives a strong and fruity flavour. This succulent blend is truly magic. Magic Crystal is a cannabis variety which is good for a stoned
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Mahayana is definitely a one of a kind plant. I took the prize-winning cut of my Dominator crossed it with the Lucifer OG male. A nice Sativa meets a strong kush creating plants with above average s
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Mako Haze

If you are a Haze fan you'll love this one. Real sativa growth habit, long elongated branches with dense clusters of flowers, and sticky with resin that looks almost like millions of tiny diamonds. A little longer with the flowering times of the Mako Ha
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Malawi 99

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Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold is renowned as one of the Most Potent Psychoactive Pure African Landrace Sativas currently in existence to date!!! Afropip’s Superior First Grade Malawi Gold was selected from 10 years experience with TOP Malawi growers.
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Malawi Mini

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It exhibits extreme Malawi Gold Hybrid vigour and when grown indoors, Maberry is characterized by its long central cola, which produces loads of crystal laden "crazy berries". It is a high THC Cannabis plant.
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Mandala #1

Mandala #1 is a good choice if you are aiming for a quick crop with a sativa effect. We recommend this strain especially for northern climates where harvesting by the end of September is a priority. T
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Mango Haze

This strain is a parallel line to the Super Silver Haze, i.e. it has the same Haze father and the mother is a sister of the SSH. Accordingly, the genetic makeup of this strain is 25% NL5, 25% Skunk an
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Mango Skunk

One of our new production skunks, this outstanding weed seed starts slowly then comes on strong with more rapid development creating big buds. Mango Skunk has nice large fans and a curious aroma. Mango Skunk is a new generation Ganja with good yields and a strong high.
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Mango Zamal

Mango Zamal revs you up & calms you down at the same time! This pure Sativa has a pleasant, creative buzz that's energizing, but anxiety free. Aromas vary from Mango/Carrot to Lemon Cleaner, but each
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Mangolian Indica

A sister to Slyder, this variety produces a 50% indica 50% sativa with a fantastic mango bouquet. She is similar to Slyder in potency, but she is much more fragrant. The stone is long lasting and leth
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Manolito #1


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