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Californian Orange thumbnail

Californian Orange

This Orange Bud is a Cannabis Cupwinner. The plants have a distinct citrus taste and smell. The fragrance is so strong, it becomes almost difficult to hide your stash. Very strong and clear high. Yiel
Californian Orange Skunk thumbnail

Californian Orange Skunk


This strain is ideal for the inexperienced grower. It's very easy to cultivate under different conditions. Orange hairs will cover the buds. Tastes as sweet as candy.

CannaBiogen Deluxe Mix thumbnail

CannaBiogen Deluxe Mix

If you’re in the mood for high-quality blaze, check out the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix. With NepalJam X Oaxaca, Jack Herer X Panama and Panama Pelo Rosa S1, the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix includes three potent Sativas from a legendary breeder.
CannaSutra thumbnail


Easily supercropped and maintained, she finishes flowering in under 10 weeks and puts on impressive girth in the final two weeks of flowering. The flowers seem very airy up until the last week when t
Cannabiogen Sandstorm thumbnail

Cannabiogen Sandstorm

Sandstorm from CannaBiogen Seeds is another variety that is great for making hash with. The mother is an Indica from the Chitral Kush region and the father is an exceptional male clone from Arabene,
Cannabiogen Seeds Caribe thumbnail

Cannabiogen Seeds Caribe

Just like Spiderman, time slows to a halt as your senses sharpen when Caribe is on-board. A unique Sativa with high yields and mystical powers, Caribe is always in demand!
Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer thumbnail

Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer

This is a STATE OF THE ART Cannabis Sativa strain with an exotic dominance of Thai. The small, but numerous flowers are so covered in trichomes that with 2 square mm, there have been 92 bulbous stalk
Cannabiogen Sugar Loaf thumbnail

Cannabiogen Sugar Loaf

Frosted with sweet, powdery resin, Sugar Loaf is intensely psychoactive with a nearly overwhelming high. If you’re looking for extreme cannabis seeds that’ll take you to new places, Sugar Loaf is just
Cannadential thumbnail



Cannalope Haze thumbnail

Cannalope Haze

The Cannalope Haze Cannabis seeds are widely RENOWNED for their VERY sweet smelling buds that have a melon taste!
Cannatonic Seeds thumbnail

Cannatonic Seeds

For physical relief at the deepest level, check out Cannatonic Seeds! Highly medicinal, Cannatonic Seeds have that sought-after 1:1 THC to CBD ratio that boosts its stones to epic proportions for extr
Caramella thumbnail


This is a variety with big fat tops, long cola's and a lovely fresh caramel smell. It has been bred for the last 15 years with lots of success.
Carnival thumbnail


Carnival: there is no name that can better represent the effect of this plant in your mind. The word carnival reminds you of a happy atmosphere all around, to Venice and the thousands of people dress
Casper OG thumbnail

Casper OG

Ceres Indoors Mix thumbnail

Ceres Indoors Mix

The Indoor Mix is simply a hodge podge of the available Cannabis seeds suitable for indoor cultivation! It is just the best from Ceres Seeds in one pack!
Ceres Kush thumbnail

Ceres Kush

With roots stemming from Afghanistan and India, Kush has made a glorious come back. This Cannabis variety grows dense flowers on a short and tight plant. It has a taste similar to hashish and a very comfortable and settling high
Ceres Skunk thumbnail

Ceres Skunk

Cheese #1 thumbnail

Cheese #1

If you’re adding a Cheese section to your growing collection of cannabis seeds, why not start off with the original? Cheese #1 by Kaliman Seeds was the first of its kind and continues to be the only s
Cheese Quattro thumbnail

Cheese Quattro

The Cheese Quattro is a must-have addition for any serious collector with a Cheese fixation. In addition to providing four of the most popular Cheese varieties that Kaliman Seeds has to offer, this co
Cheese Seeds thumbnail

Cheese Seeds

Showing 161-180 of 876

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