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Maple Leaf Indica thumbnail

Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica: The Hash-Lovers Cannabis Seed

As rich & pure as when her Mazar-i-Sharif ancestors were whisked out of pre-Soviet Afghanistan, Maple Leaf Indica is fast, sweet & extra sticky. Did someone say hash?

  • 100% Indica - Fast, Gooey & Begging for Extraction!
  • Smells & Tastes Like Sugary-Sweet Citrus
Margoot thumbnail


Boasting an absolutely astonishing resin production, the taste of Margoot engages one’s entire taste palate and has a very sweet smell of incense that appeals to all of the connoisseurs and gourmets.
Marley's Collie thumbnail

Marley's Collie

Marley's Collie Is Sensi's Top Dawg!

When chillin' in Jamaica, ask for Collie & they'll know yu naa jesta. That's why Sensi named this outstanding weed seed Marley's Collie in honour of the legendary Ganja King!

  • Superb Mix of Jamaican Sativa & Afghani Indica
  • Heavy Buds & That Dank Green Oil Smell
Marley’s Cheese thumbnail

Marley’s Cheese

Looking for the elusive resin bomb? You’ve finally found it in Marley’s Cheese! Kaliman Seeds has taken their popular Cheese Tease and continually inbred this hybrid using cutting-edge F2 gene recombi
Maroc x Afghan thumbnail

Maroc x Afghan


The Afghani for this selection was chosen after a long process of stabilization of 10,000 plantings. The project took nearly 8 years of development.

Martian Mean Green thumbnail

Martian Mean Green

The chances that you will yield something absolutely spectacular from DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green Cannabis seeds comes without a doubt!
Mastadon Kush thumbnail

Mastadon Kush

Mastadon Kush is a Stoned-to-the-Bone Killer!

Practically all Indica, Mastadon Kush is the poster child for ass-kicking Indicas. Crafted from both Master Kush & Pre-98 Bubba Kush, this potent F1 hybrid is sweet & peppery with a deep, comfortable couchlock.

  • Short & Chunky with Dank Nuggs from Tip to Stem
  • Brilliant for Hash - Overflowing with Rich Resin
Master Haze thumbnail

Master Haze

Master Kush thumbnail

Master Kush

An Indian-Afghani hybrid created from two true-breeding Indica seed lines that were collected in different parts of the Hindu-Kush. The cannabis from this area has always been valued for its resin pro
Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze thumbnail

Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze

To create a brand new mix from original, old-school genetics, Mr. Nice combined their best strains to make Master Kush Skunk X Afghan Haze. Affectionately known as Master Kaze, this new hybrid is a ra
Matanuska Mint thumbnail

Matanuska Mint

As refreshing as a quick skinny dip on a hot summer day, Matanuska Mint’s frosty flavour is a welcome change of pace! Coated in icy crystals, you’ll get an intense rush as soon as Matanuska Mint cross
Matanuska Tundra thumbnail

Matanuska Tundra

If you’re not careful, Matanuska Tundra will bury you in an avalanche of icy nuggs and out-of-control power. Don’t let the chocolate-scented aroma fool you! Matanuska Tundra is not for the faint of he
Maui Mist thumbnail

Maui Mist

Hawaiian Indica x Haze. Good yields of high quality connoisseur buds. Hybrid vigour and fast growth. Large branchy plants outdoors with massive yields in equatorial climates. Very sweet tasting buds with abundant resin.
Mazar thumbnail


Dutch Passion’s Mazar is a long awaited upgraded strain of the former Afghan/Skunk initially bred by Dutch Passion in 1997. Mazar is a very consistent Cannabis strain with an increased yield that is
Mdanzig's Blue Ryder thumbnail

Mdanzig's Blue Ryder

Unlike the other available Lowryder strains, we were very SURPRISED at how good the smoke was. The quality was nice, the strength was nice (hard hitting), it was satisfying, and had a pleasing blueberry aftertaste and aroma.
Medicine Man thumbnail

Medicine Man

A proven medical marvel for those in need of high levels of the most active ingredient, THC. Almost toxic at times, so handle with care: don’t abuse the medicine-man. It has won many awards since its
Medusa thumbnail


Medusa is the latest addition to our harem at Nirvana. Powerful Misty genes contribute to Medusa’s ability to turn people to stone. Firm light green buds have a deep musty aroma and a sugar cane after
Mekong Haze thumbnail

Mekong Haze

Memory Loss thumbnail

Memory Loss

Mendocino Madness thumbnail

Mendocino Madness


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