British Auto Outdoor Mix
If you're looking for fast cannabis seeds that can stand up to everything the UK's short, cool summers can dish out, go with Feminised Seeds' British Auto Outdoor Mix. Every fully automatic hybrid included in this pack has been bred with speed and mould-resistance in mind for trouble-free results no matter what. This is an unlabeled blend of Indicas, Sativas and mixed hybrids. Order yours today!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering Gear
  • 11 Weeks or Less from Seed
  • High Yields & Max Power
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Plenty of Variety to Keep Your Interest Extra High!

With the British Auto Outdoor Mix Pack, you'll get a wide range of Indicas, Sativas and mixed hybrids for a tantalizing array of colours, flavours, sizes and mind-blowing effects. Some may be sweet; others will be a little spicy. Some may hit your head like a velvet hammer; others will leave your body completely relaxed and totally chill. A few will be in between. But what all these cannabis seeds have in common is each one is extremely fast and able to withstand cold, wet conditions that do other beans in!

  • Fast Finishes Even in Cold Areas
  • Mould & Moisture Tolerant
  • Mixture of Flavours, Smells & Colours
  • Very Strong - High THC Levels

Some marijuana seeds in British Auto Outdoor Mix will finish as fast as 8 weeks from seed when given plenty of natural light, but none will take more than 11. However, very shady spots or extremely cloudy summers could add a few weeks to this timeframe. In the end, you'll be surprised at both the yield & the density, not to mention the power!

These fully autoflowering seeds are not individually labeled, and no strain in this pack has been released separately or under a different name. Get yours now or you could miss out!

Snag Your British Auto Outdoor Mix Feminized Seeds Today!

Recommended Outdoor
Flowering Time
Flowering Time Notes
8 to 11 Weeks from Seed

If you're dealing with the challenging climate of a UK summer, do yourself a favour & pick up British Auto Outdoor Mix Cannabis Seeds! This selection of genetics has been bred and tested to thrive in cool, moist, cloudy areas and still deliver high yields of dense, rocky buds in mere weeks from weed seed. Try these beans once & you'll never want anything else!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering Gear
  • 11 Weeks or Less from Seed
  • High Yields & Max Power

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