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Merlin\'s Dream thumbnail

Merlin\'s Dream

Merlin\'s Dream has the taste of Afghani/Hindu Kush. Fragrant fat buds on an almost Bonsai-like cannabis bush. This marijuana species gives a lifting positive high.
Merlot OG thumbnail

Merlot OG


Better than the finest wine, Merlot OG is a dense, frosty cannabis seed with deep-purple hues. Good enough to serve as OG Seeds’ signature strain, Merlot OG delivers an abundance of hand grenade sized

Mexican Sativa thumbnail

Mexican Sativa

This Mexican Sativa is Muy Rapido, Even in the UK!

Experience authentic Mexican Sativa minus the tropical heat & extended wait with these amazing Sensi Seeds. These beasts have been fully refined to withstand the cool UK climate.

  • Oaxacan Sativa X Durban X Pakistani Hash Plant
  • 70% Sativa - 50 to 70 Day Finishes
Mi5 thumbnail


Short for “My Indoor Number 5,” MI5 is a potent automatic created by crossbreeding a top-shelf AK-47. Highly resinous and euphoric, MI5 is a killer strain.
Milk thumbnail


Seedism’s Milk gets WHITER and MORE resinous EVERY day during her flowering cycle right up until the last few weeks. Simply because of the whiteness of the pistils, the buds, and the trichomes, they had to call this strain Milk.
Milky Way thumbnail

Milky Way

As the name suggests, this one is white!! We've crossed some of the finest Indica's we have with something a little special, to produce what I'm sure you'll agree is a perfect indoor cropper. Not too tall, heavy yields, sweet to taste and simply powde
Millennium thumbnail


This is a mostly Indica variety, and a very big yielder. It has a packed sea of green-esque array of leaves. It'll produce such huge colas that you'll need to support these plants. The sidebranches gr
Mistery Widow thumbnail

Mistery Widow

Misty thumbnail


Misty is a short and stocky plant. The lime green bubble like leaves are thick and heavy like salad. Buds are dense and covered with THC glands extending to the shade leaves. Though Misty shares genes
Mix Pack thumbnail

Mix Pack

The New Era Genetics Mix Pack is the most efficient and affordable way to discover the full power of medicinal cannabis seeds. With the Mix Pack, you’ll receive two Indicas, two Sativas and six random strains from this top-rated breeder’s gene pool – some
Mixed Sativa thumbnail

Mixed Sativa

This plant is our original outdoor Sativa which produces tall females and sweet glittering buds. Easy to grow it will get you feeling free and easy with an active happy high! Easy to grow, disease res
Mixed Sativa Divas thumbnail

Mixed Sativa Divas

Many different varieties of mother, a good gene mix for selections. Developed through a varied number of foreign breeders derived from F-1 hybrids. Smell/Taste: Varies High/Strength: Varies
Morning Glory thumbnail

Morning Glory


Combines the power of Aghani with the subtle sweet Sativa effect of Santa Maria to create a high that will sweep you off your feet. Powerful, compact and full of resin; this is a real gem for all

Moroccan Gold thumbnail

Moroccan Gold

Morocco is universally known for the high quality of its hashish. When one of our breeders let us try the Moroccan Gold we were immediately enthusiastic of it and we wanted to share it with you. This
Mosaic Mix Pack thumbnail

Mosaic Mix Pack


Save some dough & buy the Mosaic Mix Pack! This collection of Magus Genetic’s best standard cannabis seeds delivers a random selection of the world’s best Cup-winning strains.

Motavation thumbnail



Who couldn’t use a little Motavation? This couch-locking Indica relaxes your body & sets your mind free!

Mother's Finest thumbnail

Mother's Finest

Mother's Finest Voted Best Sativa of 2002!

Within months of release, Mother's Finest hit the big time with her very first High Times Cannabis Cup & she's still one of the best Sativas on the market today. Get'cha some!

  • 70% Sativa, 50-70 Day Finish, XL Yields
  • Haze-Dominant Jack Herer Pheno
Mount Cook thumbnail

Mount Cook

The highest mountain in New Zeland and a plant that lives up to the name! A mainly indica cross that has all those familiar characteristics. Big wide leaves, thick short stems and branches, fat pungent buds simply coated in snow-like crystals. The smoke i
Mr Bubble thumbnail

Mr Bubble

Mr Nice G13 x Hashplant thumbnail

Mr Nice G13 x Hashplant

Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant - The Legend Lives!

Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant is so good, Sensi Seeds made this limited edition strain a regular part of their seed catalog. Once completely unattainable, you can get this 100% Indica for less at Rhino Seeds!

  • Large Yields, 50-60 Day Finishes, Pure Indica
  • Extremely Sticky with Very Hashy Flavours

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