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What Are Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

Posted on 04 September 2017 by sherry

MMJ That Flows Through the Skin Straight Into the Bloodstream

Transdermal cannabis patches are really taking off in the US. They couldn’t be easier to use – just stick one directly to your skin and this medical patch will release cannabinoids into the bloodstream over extended periods of time. That’s way easier than lighting up every hour, on the hour.

According to current users, transdermal patches are more effective and work longer than cannabis topicals. They’re also very popular with the elderly because wearing something that looks just like a nicotine patch caries very little, if any, stigma. And here’s the kicker – they really do work.


Cannabis Science Gives a More Technical Explanation

According to the guys at cannabisscience.com:

“An advantage of a transdermal drug delivery route over other types of medication delivery such as oral, topical, intravenous, intramuscular, etc. is that the patch provides a controlled release of the medication into the patient, usually through either a porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication or through body heat melting thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive which will be containing high potency cannabinoid (CBD) extract that slowly enters into the bloodstream and then penetrates the central nervous system of the patient delivering the pain relief sought.”


patch label

Transdermal Cannabis Patches Have a Lot of Pros, Few Cons

In addition to giving MMJ patients a warm & fuzzy feeling of familiarity, transdermal patches have a lot of other advantages going for them including:


The Consumers at Mary’s Medicinals Really Dig Transdermals

“Transdermal patches are not new. However, using them as a method of delivery for cannabis is. We find that our consumers already feel comfortable with a transdermal patch. Many of our consumers are elderly, and patches are not only familiar but also a benign way to consume cannabis for pain relief.” according to Graham from Mary’s Medicinals.

Graham continues: “A 10mg dose from a transdermal patch is roughly equivalent to what you might feel from an 80mg serving from an edible. This is due to the high bio-availability with the patch. It enters into the blood which results in 100% cannabinoid uptake.”

In many cases, patients forget entirely that they are wearing the patch. The patches have so far been incredibly effective at giving relief to those unfortunate people who have to endure chronic pain.



And, You Can Get Transdermal Gel Pens Too!

You can also get a transdermal gel pen to go along with your patches. If your pain starts to increase before it’s time for a new patch, the gel pen lets you easily ‘top up’ your pain relief. Migraine sufferers find them particularly effective.



So Far, Transdermal Cannabis Patches Are Almost All CBD

There is no psychedelic effect whatsoever from using these particular patches. This is because they are made from plants that have been bred to have large amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC, increasing the amount of the very useful cannabinoid cannabidiol (or CBD), like the strains bred by CBD Crew. (We did find one that looks like it had more THC – check out the label above!)

You can also vary your patches to match your illness. For example, people who need serious results might want a patch with a strong dose of Indica, those who need a little get up & go in the morning might want more Sativa in their transdermal meds, or you could even wear a combination of patches to customize your medication. The possibilities are endless!


Don’t Live Near a Dispensary? Here’s How to Make Your Own!

If you live in the UK or some other backwards country with archaic cannabis laws, you can make these patches yourself. As with so many things in life, there’s a Youtube video for that. Take a look at this:


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