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Matanuska Tundra Feminized thumbnail

Matanuska Tundra Feminized

Cool down with Matanuska Tundra Feminized! This icy super-star is a potent Indica from the wildest regions of Alaska. Matanuska Tundra Feminized has a delicious chocolate fragrance, but her inner esse
Northern Lights #9 Feminized thumbnail

Northern Lights #9 Feminized

Can you keep a secret? Northern Lights #9 Feminized definitely can! This intense smoke has only a hint of a smell making it brilliant for stealth. When you need to get it done indoors without giving u
Northern Lights 9 thumbnail

Northern Lights 9

Just when you thought the NL family couldn’t possibly get any better, Sagarmatha releases Northern Lights #9. This much-improved indoor strain is even stealthier than the original. With barely any odo
Peak 19 thumbnail

Peak 19

Peak 19 was the original western name for Mt. Everest. With similar magnitude and strength as the majestic mountain herself inspires, F1 hybrid Peak 19 will fulfill your cannabis desires. The potency
Purple Pinecone thumbnail

Purple Pinecone

Add vibrant purple hues and a boatload of power to your collection with Purple Pinecone! A truly stunning cannabis seed, Purple Pinecone is an elegant hybrid with strong physical stones and the rockie
Slyder thumbnail


This Indica plant produces dense, crystallized buds with a strong aroma. Originally developed from seeds obtained in Afghanistan, the strain was crossed with a potent Northern Light to make it possibl
Smurfberry Automatic thumbnail

Smurfberry Automatic

Every wonder why those bright blue Smurfs are always so frickin’ happy? Take a hit of Smurfberry Automatic, the world’s fastest, sweetest Blueberry, and discover a little magic of your own. Smurfberry
Solo Ryder thumbnail

Solo Ryder

As the “Ryder” in the majority of Sagarmatha’s AutoFem Seeds, Solo Ryder is pure autoflowering perfection! Small, stealthy, powerful and covered in a thick coating of powdery-white resin, Solo Ryder i
Special K thumbnail

Special K

Sagarmatha Seeds Special K (Kali) was the first cross using Western Winds. With a high THC rating 18% and large girthy colas, she proved to be a favorite of many of our (Hazy) customers. Flowertops a
Star Ryder thumbnail

Star Ryder

Created using the finest championship genetics, Star Ryder is the ultimate autoflowering Cannabis Seed. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy the lovely light blue hue and pleasant tastes and aromas that
Stonehedge thumbnail


Shed you inhibitions at the alter of Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge. A fitting tribute to a more savage time, Stonehenge Cannabis Seeds are filled with raw Sativa power and an overwhelming high that push
Stonehedge Feminized thumbnail

Stonehedge Feminized

Stonehenge Feminized is an exotic, old-school Cambodian strain that’s been updated with just a touch of Western Winds. If you’re ready to worship the weed gods, get ready to sacrifice your soul to Sto
Strawberry D-Lite thumbnail

Strawberry D-Lite

Looking for pure pot perfection? Check out Strawberry D-Lite, the ultimate mix of scrumptious Strawberry Cough & legendary NYC Diesel! Strawberry D-Lite is guaranteed to fill the entire room with a lu
Strawberry D-Lite Feminized thumbnail

Strawberry D-Lite Feminized

Think Strawberry could never go with Diesel? Strawberry D-Lite Feminized says it does! Denser & stronger than NYCD & more aromatic than Strawberry Cough, Strawberry D-Lite Feminized is pure pot perfec
Stupersonic Auto thumbnail

Stupersonic Auto

Perfected in Sweden, Stupersonic Auto puts out a ton of tasty blaze even if the season is short or the weather is harsh. For a super-fast autoflowering seed with highs that’ll blow your mind, give Stu
Thunderbolt thumbnail


Thunderbolt is Sagamartha's cross of Yumboldt and Matanuska Tundra. Yields are good and flowering times quoted as under 7 weeks! A medium sized plant with good strength delving and an old school buz
Western Winds thumbnail

Western Winds

With an invigorating buzz and a spiritual essence, Western Winds is a Haze lover’s wet dream. Whether you’re itching for a night filled with conversation or something a little more erotic, Western Win
Western Winds Feminized thumbnail

Western Winds Feminized

For incredible yields and extremely social highs, take a deep breath of Western Winds Feminized. This near-pure Sativa is the very definition of Haze with unbelievable quality and near-pure Sativa gen
Wonderberry thumbnail


A blend of the vigor of Bubbleberry with the bushy, luxurious growth pattern of the American variety Williams Wonder. The smoke is tasty and possesses the scent of a flowery bouquet. The high is he
Yumbolt thumbnail


Dreaming of a place in the warm Cali sun? Yumbolt can’t take you there, but it’ll do the next best thing! Experience the hypnotizing power of HTCC-winning Yumbolt, the same smoke that made all those h
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