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CBD Crew

CBD Crew Stirs Things Up with High-CBD Seeds!

Paranoia & Anxiety Free Medicinal Weed Seeds

CBD Crew is the new kid in town, but they have the help of two of the most legendary seed dudes in the biz! Under the guidance of Mr. Nice and Shantibaba, CBD Crew is designing new formulas with even THC to CBD ratios for a dreamlike stone & strong medicinal properties.

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CBD Crew

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CBD Crew Outdoor Mix Feminized

CBD Crew Outdoor Mix Feminized

Curious about high-CBD seeds? CBD Crew offers complete satisfaction with the Outdoor Mix Feminized collection. Explore this exciting new category with several of their best outdoor beans when you add

CBD Critical Mass Feminized

CBD Critical Mass Feminized

With 5% THC and 5% CBD, Critical Mass Feminized has that elusive 1:1 ratio that everyone’s looking for! For high yields of soothing medicinal weed, no strain pumps out more than honey-sweet Critical M

CBD Shark Feminized

CBD Shark Feminized

Shark Feminized is a tasty way to enter the world of high-CBD cannabis seeds! The perfect mix of sweet and savory, CBD Crew Shark Feminized is heating up medicinal cannabis with 6% THC and 6% CBD!

CBD Skunk Haze Feminized

CBD Skunk Haze Feminized

Skunk Haze Feminized is a long, lean lady adorned with bushels of fluffy nuggs! In addition to its strong medicinal quality, Skunk Haze Feminized has a fresh flavour and brisk aroma with hints of mint

CBD Sweet n Sour Widow

CBD Sweet n Sour Widow

The weed world is filled with White Widows, but you won’t find a single one like CBD Crew’s Sweet ‘n Sour Widow! A very resinous strain, Sweet ‘n Sour Widow has an even balance of CBD and THC to make

CBD Yummy Feminized

CBD Yummy Feminized

What a great name for a tasty strain! Bursting with tropical flavour, CBD Crew Yummy Feminized is a rich, exotic seed with an even CBD to THC ratio for exceptional medicinal power.

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Chill is the Word with CBD Crew!

If high-THC seeds don’t float your boat, it's time to try something new! Although the debate is still in full swing, research says that high levels of CBD in relation to THC enhance the medicinal properties of cannabis while reducing memory loss and anxiety. Don't miss this chance to try a new kind of weed from CBD Crew with fresh beans from Rhino Seeds!

Don't laugh, but CBD Crew's new creations will drop THC levels down to ridiculously low levels while pushing the CBD through the roof. In many cases, both psychoactives measure in at about 5 or 6%. If you want to get totally wasted, move on! But if you want a pleasant stone with no anxiety or paranoia paired with enhanced therapeutic properties, CBD Crew is your new go-to breeder!

The Rhino knows that CBD Crew isn't for everyone, but that's the beauty of the Rhino Seeds online shop. Here, you can shop in the privacy of your own home, find your perfect cannabis seeds with just the right mix of features and have your new babies delivered discreetly to your door - or your safe addy! Shopping for 5-star cannabis seeds just doesn't get any better than that!

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CBD Crew Summary

  • • 1:1 CBD to THC Ratios
  • • Highly Therapeutic
  • • Calming & Anxiety Free
  • • Founded by Mr Nice & Resin Seeds

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